London to Paris Bike Ride 7-11 June 2017

London to Paris Bike Ride 7-11 June 2017

The Challenge


Well the team did it they cycled from London to Paris. They cycled 320 miles.


Day 1 they all found extremely hard and quite a shock to the system. It was a hot day with lots of hills. But they made it.


Day 2 was gruesome. 30mph winds for the entire 80 miles. Tough day.


Day 3 was the best day they all said. This was “The Somme” day and its by far the most relaxed day of the entire trip. Visiting all of the graveyards of WW1 hero’s was really humbling.


Day 4 was an incredibly tough day as the temperatures were in the region of 28-30 deg. They all arrived at the Eiffel Tower looking like they’d gone through the mill but they all said (in the end) it was worth the pain.


The final amounts raised was an impressive £8,000. Thank you and well done to you all.


Love Nicky, Emma & Cath