Cost of Cancer Trustees

At Cost of Cancer the Trustees want to help families to face the financial burden with hope. Their aim is for the patient to concentrate on getting through the treatment whilst they take care of the bills.

Below you can read all about the Founder and the Trustees.

Nicky Moss


Nicky lost her best friend back in 2009, and it was then seeing what little help they received...

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Emma Thomas


She’s great at making sure events come together and keeps a cool head.

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Cath Barnard


She was the headmistress of St Claire's School in Porthcawl. She is now retired but has worked all over the UK.

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When Nicky’s best friend died of breast cancer back in 2009, she was determined to make a difference to others but first she had to fix herself.

Nicky lost her best friend back in 2009, and it was then seeing what little help they received in the way of financial help, she decided she had to try and make a difference, even if that was a small one. She realised that if she were to help people she first had to fix herself. So after 4 years of grieving and a kick up the bottom she so desperately needed she started to make tiny footsteps in the whole “starting a charity” process.


It hasn’t been easy but one she doesn’t regret. She has great friends who support her and a great team around her. She has an accounting background and tonnes of heart and compassion. You can read all about her journey on the “My Story” tab.


Nicky Moss – Founder/Trustee

Emma’s been a trustee from the start.

Emma’s been a trustee from the start. Emma was Nicky’s first choice for a trustee.  They were friends and they think very similar so it was an easy choice when thinking of a trustee.  She’s currently employed by Nottage Joinery as an office administrator.  She took part in the Sky Dive in 2015, her son Dale did London to Paris back in 2016 and she’s about to embark on the Euro 3 City Cycle along with Dale in 2022.  She’s great at helping an event come together and thinks logically.  She’s an asset to the charity and we couldn’t be without her.


Emma Thomas – Trustee

Cath is the charity’s social butterfly.

Cath was born in Cardiff, she is one of 5 brothers and sisters, she is married to Keith and has 2 grown up sons.  She’s also a Grandma now too.  She was the headmistress of St Clare’s School in Porthcawl.  She is retired but has worked all over the UK and because of the diversity needed for her job it makes her an ideal trustee.  She’s joined us as a new member a number of years ago now with drive and passion which is totally infectious.  We can’t ever see us without her.


Cath Barnard- Trustee

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``Eased a great deal of anxiety when going through a devastating experience.``

``The help has helped me focus on my health rather than the worry of how to pay my bills, thank you so much``

``Cost of Cancer have eased one of the many stresses we were going through.``

``Not only were we worried about my cancer, we were worries about how we would cope financially and wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the children so not to scare them.``

``So friendly and understanding during the toughest of times.``

``Life has been difficult for us fo the last few months, but to know someone cares and willing to help in anyway made us feel we are not alone and it lightened the burden.``

``The service I received was absolutely exemplary.``

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By Nicky


By Nicky