Cost of Cancer Lottery

The Cost of Cancer Lottery has been set up to provide an affordable way that you can support Cost of Cancer and have a chance to win cash prizes every month.

From just £2 a month you can support Cost of Cancer. 50% of the takings every month will be paid out in prize money. 67% of the prize money will go to the winner, 23% to second place and 10% to third place.


You can buy any amount of numbers each of which costs £2 per month. The way to play the lottery is via standing order – the application form is below.

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Below are the winners for June’s lottery.

1st Place – Keith Barnard won £76.38 No 47
2nd Place – Mark Blight won £26.22 No 81
3rd Place – Lesley Canon won £11.40 No 91


Congratulations to you all and thank you for supporting Cost of Cancer
Nicky, Emma & Cath


NB: We no longer draw the lottery numbers live, but we will still record the draw and upload to social media, however at the moment someone hacked our account and took down the charity FB page. We are in the process of getting it back.

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``Eased a great deal of anxiety when going through a devastating experience.``

``The help has helped me focus on my health rather than the worry of how to pay my bills, thank you so much``

``Cost of Cancer have eased one of the many stresses we were going through.``

``Not only were we worried about my cancer, we were worries about how we would cope financially and wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the children so not to scare them.``

``So friendly and understanding during the toughest of times.``

``Life has been difficult for us fo the last few months, but to know someone cares and willing to help in anyway made us feel we are not alone and it lightened the burden.``

``The service I received was absolutely exemplary.``

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By Nicky


By Nicky