Apply to Cost of Cancer for financial help

We are sorry that you are going through a difficult time.


If you are in need of financial assistance, we need to ask a few questions.  See below:

    ``Eased a great deal of anxiety when going through a devastating experience.``

    ``The help has helped me focus on my health rather than the worry of how to pay my bills, thank you so much``

    ``Cost of Cancer have eased one of the many stresses we were going through.``

    ``Not only were we worried about my cancer, we were worries about how we would cope financially and wanted to keep things as normal as possible for the children so not to scare them.``

    ``So friendly and understanding during the toughest of times.``

    ``Life has been difficult for us fo the last few months, but to know someone cares and willing to help in anyway made us feel we are not alone and it lightened the burden.``

    ``The service I received was absolutely exemplary.``

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    By Nicky


    By Nicky